Monday, September 6, 2010

Hakone Images - Please click slideshow to view still images

As the Romance Car express train glides out of Tokyo, concrete gives way to green. An hour or so into your journey to Hakone, the train emerges from a tunnel and Fuji-san, as Mt. Fuji is known, momentarily appears, glowing pink and golden in the afternoon light. Minutes later you arrive at Hakone-Yumoto station, the hub of Hakone National Park. As if Mt. Fuji weren't enough of an attraction in itself, Hakone has blossomed into one of the largest spa towns in Japan. The area is also one of the most accessible to the casual visitor, having catered to Tokyo weekenders for decades. Besides the hundreds of inns with their own onsen, a few springs are devoted to day trippers. Tenzan is a large onsen complex complete with cedar baths, outdoor baths and the popular "massage waterfall". Sit under it for five minutes and you'll want to take one home.

Hakone Images - Images by John Lander

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